Oct 23, 2009

dollhouse Dollhouse  photo The gingerbread trim and purple gable make this house seem like something out of a fairy tale. And since it’s getting closer to Halloween, perhaps a tale like this, from poet John Reibetanz:

The Finger Puppets in the Attic Dollhouse

If they, more petite
than the mice whose flittings
have pillaged their robes’ sparkled trim,

stood tiptoe
on the plumped felt tops
of their thimble-sized footstools

to scrutinize
the worn fabric
of this room’s blue distances,

would they locate
the source of lightning bolts
in our faces’ wrinkled pleats

and construe the stars’
dance from the tattered
embroidery of our steps,

or find in our seamless
unravelling years
the tissue of apocalypse?

4926759868384604174 5323338180299507781?l=southpasadena.blogspot Dollhouse  photo

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