Oct 23, 2010

Ever had one of those weeks where you find a South African brown widow spider with nest on your back door, get a property tax bill for twice as much as you were expecting, fret for three days tending a cranky daughter who has cold with fever, hear really sad news about an old friend, discover that your dishwasher is suddenly making noises that can only be described as a parrot trapped within and whistling the first few bars of Sentimental Journey, catch your daughter’s cold, pass out asleep at 8:30 on a Friday night only to wake up with a headache at 1:30AM and the unsettling realization you haven’t yet written your daily blog?

You too? Ah, that’s comforting.

So look! Here’s a pretty pathway next to a pretty gate with pretty plants and trees! (And a somewhat inexplicable, totally incongruous, teensie little picket fence — but it’s far too late and I’m way too much of a curmudgeon at this point to go into that thing.)

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