Details (#7)

Oct 23, 2011

Look around South Pasadena’s beautiful old homes and you’ll find enough little details to make the CEO of Restoration Hardware gnash his teeth in a jealous rage. There are antique light fixtures, water glass set in sash windows, century-old oak plank floors,old zinc locks and brass furnace grates and enough crown moulding to land a show on HGTV. It’s pretty great to live around so much history — the subtle, sweet history of home.

You’ll find this glass knob on one of the drawers of my living room built-in. It’s the drawer where I keep our everyday place mats. I wonder how many other things have been kept there? How many other hands have reached for this lovely little glass pull in the 111 years since my home was built?
Today, I wrap up my week of Little Details. Thanks for joining me as I looked closely at a few familiar things around town.

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