Details (#6)

Oct 22, 2011

I can’t decide which South Pas neon sign I love most. There’s the historic one above Gus’s. There’s the Fair Oaks Pharmacy sign above the door as well as the one around the corner that, if taken out of context, makes hipsters giggle and jab each other in the ribs. We can’t forget the newer Parking sign on Meridian that seems to conjure images of Raymond Chandler characters. They are all great bits of colored light.

Here, Shakers lets us know that it will always provide us with breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a lovely reminder. In fact, whenever I walk past this sign on the way toward the entrance, it makes my mouth water. We always think of neon as a beckoning from far away, but doesn’t it look great up close?
I continue my week of Little Details — exploring South Pas in a magnified view.

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