Coffee Talk

Sep 23, 2011

There are a lot of ways to satisfy your coffee jones in South Pasadena. Kaldi is a great option, especially if you have your java outside under the trees on one of these warm autumn days. (Just pop a Benadryl first if you’re allergic to fall elm. They’re pollinating like crazy right now.)

Speaking of coffee, I was listening to the XM Public Radio station yesterday and I caught the last part of a piece about how new words get into the Oxford English Dictionary. Apparently, one of the program hosts was trying to see if she could get the word “flatte” to catch on. That’s flatte, pronounced “flah-tay” as in a shortened version of “decaf latte.” A local coffee shop even joined in the fun and featured Flatte as their Drink of the Day.

Is it any surprise that not one person ordered a flatte for the entire day? Anyone at Kaldi — or Charlie’s or Busters or Starbucks — could tell you why. Who in the world wants a DECAF latte?!

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