Charlie’s Coffee House

Jan 24, 2011

Arroyo-adjacent South Pas residents: this is your coffee house! Charlie’s had its grand opening on January 15 and it’s already making a big caffeinated splash with the westernmost residents of our fair city. The locally owned shop is in the newish circular brick and stucco building on Monterey Road near Foremost liquor. (Look left as you approach the confusing intersection of train tracks, Arroyo Drive and Pasadena Avenue.) While it might not have the historic setting of Busters or Kaldi, Charlie’s holds its own in a chic space with a beautiful collection of photographs. There is cool music, plenty of parking and the biggest ceiling fan you will ever see. Plus, Charlie’s brews are made only with beans from Pasadena-based Jameson Brown coffee roasters — and that alone scores big points with java connoisseurs. (It is pretty darned great coffee, I must admit. In fact, I might be in trouble if Charlie’s decides to offer a 31 ounce size…)

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