Where I’m From

Nov 20, 2013

LonghornDewDropI am a dewdrop on the eve of becoming a stream
on my way to the sea.
I carry upon me, within me
motes of dust, the knowledge of my forbearers,
my own.
We journey together though we may know it not.
Time frames ebb and flow.
I have come from noble cumulus clouds
who’ve caressed me in this upper atmosphere
until I’m heavy,
just heavy enough to fall and work my way to earth—
the ride down bumpy, blusterous, bouncy, boisterous—
and before I hit the bottom,
I blow across the seas and back…
and north and south,
then back again,
and I float the great float on a quest
to find my resting place,
and leave that dewdrop legacy behind
to embrace and become the waiting stream.


Poet’s note: This piece attempts to use George Ella Lyon’s style in her singular poem, “Where I’m From“.

Copyright © Where I’m From 2013 Steve Pulley

Steve Pulley currently resides in Temple City, his old hometown, but for thirty years he lived in such diverse countries as Vietnam, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and Chile. He has published three anthologies of short stories and poems—Message in a Fortune Cooke, Alien Notion, and A Confluence of Grapes. He tends to write light, tongue-in-cheek humor, though he occasionally straightens up and pens something a little more serious. Read more of Steve’s works at

Editor’s Note: Steve Pulley is a member of Esther Bradley-DeTally’s writing workshop in Pasadena.



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