Ways to Paint a Woman

Aug 21, 2017


Ways to Paint a Woman

  after a portrait by Ali-Al Ameri

Sometimes only color can speak
for the heart.

Sometimes you must paint it yellow—
listen with the eyes: honeycomb and maize,

golden rainflowers.
Transform with your softest brush

the way Lorca’s bathing girl liquefies
into water – half a head in fire,

sun burning a trail from forehead to cheek.
Graze the mouth with mango. Make time to blend

and take away. Use the green of a blind man
when he says you’re beautiful

and means you’re timeless.
Show what the light gave her

washing warmth into a neck
until it’s dune, a cliffside

that holds a head of surf.
Paint as you would before you awaken,

when sunlight falls like milkweed
and you are an empty silo

letting her grain fill you –
buttery malt and biscuit

for the love of honey


© “Ways to Paint a Woman,” Night Ladder by Lois P. Jones, Glass Lyre Press, 2017.

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