Via de Guadalupe/South of the Border

Jan 27, 2014

linenHe appeared inside a blink   walked out of the


sun at his back   elbowed a space in my

eyes   curiosity

took hold   breeze whistled softly

silence expectant

his outfit beige linen suit   white shirt no collar


mexican cowboy hat   band that matched caramel

suede vest   brown leather satchel

tilted shoulder

feet in leather cowboy boots   too cool

to sweat

friend’s voice plucked me out of trance   hi luis

introduced as artist   shook my hand slowly


shifted   rattled   heart on lockdown

he began to draw

captured last light of day   headed

towards pulsating

music   he joined us   danced like wild

fire   partners

breathless   pulled on to dance floor at break neck

speed   skin clothes soaked   band packed up


to go  no map   no idea how to find

ranch house

darkness veiled winding roads   he

showed the way   friend

and I checked out loft upstairs   he

sprawled out fully clothed

on downstairs couch   went back grabbed

my bag   on the

way up said you don’t have to go

upstairs stay with me  

                         I said   in your dreams buddy in your

dreams    he

chuckled   Annoyed   I fell in and out

of sleep   luis and

my friend were contenders for the loudest and

longest snoring   both tied for second

place   heavy

trucks won first place as they sliced

through the night.



Copyright © Via de Guadalupe/South of the Border by Gerda Govine Ituarte

791719_2060174Gerda Govine Ituarte’s new publication, Oh, Where Is My Candle Hat?, is a handmade limited edition poetry art book written in English and Spanish with original artwork by Luis Ituarte (Poetry Art Book Station). She states that “writing poetry allows my reservoir of memories and observations to flow freely and bring comfort and joy. I reflect, illuminate, and connect with others using words to create a sense of place.”

Gerda was born in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, emigrated to New York City in the mid 50s, and then to California in the early 80s. She lives with her artist husband Luis Ituarte in Pasadena and Tijuana. She is CEO of G. Govine Consulting and a columnist for the Pasadena San Gabriel Valley Journal. Her poetry has appeared in domestic and international publications.

2 Responses for “Via de Guadalupe/South of the Border”

  1. I fall into your poems, and I don’t want to come out. Wonderful!

  2. Esther:

    I appreciate your comments. Thank you.



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