Feb 17, 2014

wind blowing hair in prairie 300x187 Untitled Write Here poetry and fiction poetry poet Dain Fedora local poets Dain Fedora  photoLend your breath
to my chest—not the still-born
words, but gravity,
and transparency
of what peace may come.

Like a name
or—if not that—the last
syllable or utterance
of a name:
an instance

I can sense and,
locked-in-deep, maybe
be open eyes against
my hair in your teeth-clenched.


Copyright © “Untitled” by Dain Fedora

Dain Fedora is a graduate of Vermont College of Fine Arts where he earned an MFA in Poetry. He lives in Pasadena and works in Los Angeles.

1 Response for “Untitled”

  1. intriguing piece – Dain Fedora; look forward to reading your work!


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