Too Beautiful

Aug 18, 2014

cleopatra-50th-anniversary-blu-ray-dvd-Elizabeth-Taylor-as-Cleopatra_4_rgb-828x1024Some Bras Art Too Beautiful
To the team at Natori

If this were ancient Egypt,
and if I were Queen,
I would tell the priests
not to worry overmuch
about the cache of 
pots, tools and mini gods
in my pyramid
but to focus, instead, 
on pretty things.
For it is pretty things
I cherish here
and pretty things
I will cherish wherever
I wind up next.
A buttercup in the grass,
a sunrise over a lake,
the smiles of my children,
the shimmer of a pearl on a ring…
these are essential.
Be sure to pack, too,
some pretty things
of satin and lace
and a comfy white sweatshirt
like the one I am wearing now,
over my teal satin nightie.

For who knows?
Perhaps in paradise,
shimmied free of my body,
I will no longer yearn
to shimmy free of my bra
at day’s end.
Do angels shed wings?
Not where I am going.

And where I am going,
some bras,
like angel wings,

are just
too beautiful.

Natori Bra

Copyright © 2014  Jenine Baines, “Some Bras Art Too Beautiful”


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1 Response for “Too Beautiful”

  1. absolutely fresh, delightful and full of sane whimsy!



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