To Rosalee

Jul 12, 2015

McNaught2To Rosalee *
by Carl Stilwell


We walk inside roaring comets
Stepping on broken stars

Everyone tells you that they are dead
And you didn’t even know it

I bury 7 endangered poet’s books
Under my plum tree

Seeing you at The special All About You Day
For this year’s April Poetry Festival

Your green-haired two-year-old boy
Runs naked through a rainbow sprinkler

Journey of a talking orange koi fish
In quest of a star at the bottom of the ocean

I snack
On half portion of poached political brains along with
Bag of grandma’s chacha crunch chocolate chip crazy cookies

Six billion red bees fall from the smoggy sky
Over Los Angeles City Hall

And hear
Jacaranda leaves laughing lavender tears
The day you died




Carl Stilwell:

* Rosalee Gurrola Thompson walked in beauty upon the earth from September 16,1950-May 30, 2013. Her poems were published over 135 times.

The regular fonts are the poet narrator’s words (mine). I read this poem as a duet and Julie Larson was the first poet to read this with me; she reading the italic-bold words while I read the words in regular font. The one time it was read solo was by Julie, Rosalee’s close friend, at Rosalee’s funeral, which I was unable to attend.




Carl Stilwell:
I am a retired teacher who taught for over 30 years in mostly the Los Angeles Unified School District. I was born during the depression in Oklahoma and came to California in 1959 and have lived here ever since. I have lived in Pasadena since 2003. I have poems published in Blue Collar Review, Canary, Life and Legends, Lummox, Pearl, Prism, Revolutionary Poets Brigade—Los Angeles, Struggle, and Verse-Virtual. I also have poems included in the anthologies, An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind/Poets on 9/11 and In the Arms of Words: Poems for Tsunami Relief.



Carl Stilwell, aka CaLokie



Photo, top right: (2007).

Photo, jacaranda, by Kat Ward.

Photo, Carl Stilwell, courtesy photo from poet.



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