This Moment

Mar 30, 2014

dappled-lightThis Moment
by Austin Straus

at the dining table, chewed and savored,
in my skull, seeping into memory
staying forever

and when and if it ever dies, if
everything dies when the person dies, I
will feel the loss, somehow, a loss
to posterity, to the universe

of a moment that throbbed
with life, that was so exquisitely
itself, as Wanda laughs to a movie
in the bedroom, as sunbeams

stipple the backyard yellow-green,
and Dambula the cat sleeps beneath my feet,
and this warm cereal cooked for me,
with love by my love

goes slowly down, second by second,
year by year, filling me, becoming me,
turning me into someone old and new
at once, who was and is and will be



Austin Straus is a painter, teacher, speaker, and former host of KPFK’s The Poetry Connexion. His first two poetry collections,Drunk with Light and Intensifications, are described as “fabulous” and continuing “his autobiographical and philosophical explorations of self-in-the-world.”

Now, Pasadena’s own Red Hen Press has just published perhaps his most intimate work, The Love Project: A Marriage Made in Poetry.

There’s plenty of love between Wanda Coleman and Austin Straus, but it has an edge: every kiss, every snuggle, every touch is political. How to make a marriage work under the unyielding pressures of racial bigotry and cultural bias? How to maintain their creativity and independence as poets and artists faced with the daily pressures of survival? For over three decades, Coleman and Straus have grappled with these questions—and with one another. Together, they have built a wall of desire, carnal and spiritual, to shield them from an often unwelcoming world. The Love Project sings their blood oath in an open and jazzy verse that holds nothing back, offering to the world some of the better that has flowered between them. (


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  1. that’s a humm’in poem, and evokes an mmmm, mmmm good response! loved it



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