The Tooth Fairy

Apr 30, 2017



The Tooth Fairy

I pictured a figure somewhere between Tinker Bell
and Dopey, wafting down through slumberland
to collect, for some uncanny reason, my latest molar,
placed with care between sheet and pillow, where,
in the morning, I’d find another shiny dime. The fairy
hailed, I felt, from the box-top capital, Battle Creek,
Michigan, where wizards conjured up the Quaker
puffed-oat-shooting cannon ring and the Lone Ranger
eight-color-lens signal light and six-shooter, stashed
under my blanket after bedtime. Who could doubt
the gospel of magic, with the evidence so clear?

“Ask the tooth fairy,” I overheard my dad snap back
one day when Mother said she wanted a new washer.
“Go tell the tooth fairy, you little fruit,” said the bully,
when he took my ring and pistol after show-and-tell.

—William Trowbridge, Vanishing Point (Red Hen Press, 2017)




Vanishing Point is the seventh collection of poetry by seriocomic master William Trowbridge, “One of America’s best and wittiest poets.” 

Vanishing Point concerns memory, cognition, history, and morality, as experienced through the process of aging and as seen largely through a seriocomic lens. The range is wide, from arrestingly dark to downright hilarious – sometimes both at once – and all stages in-between. The poet Jim Daniels has said about this book, “With profound wit and humility, with a purity and clarity of language that defines our best poetry, [Trowbridge] takes us on a wild ride and gives us our money’s worth.” The last section contains poems from Trowbridge’s graphic chapbook Oldguy: Superhero, with several new poems added to that series.



On May 4, Trowbridge reads with Lisa C. Krueger (Run Away to the Yard, Red Hen Press, 2017) at Vroman’s Bookstore.


Red Hen Press Night
Thursday, May 4th, 7-8 p.m.
Vroman’s, 693 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena 91101
Free event; RSVP on event Facebook page
For more info, visit




Lisa Krueger’s fourth book of poetry, Run Away to the Yard (Red Hen Press, 2017), is a collection of poems that the press describes as “like a photograph seared in the mind… offering readers the chance to assume altered perceptions of culture—and of self.”

Krueger’s poems have appeared in various journals and she’s published articles and written a series of interactive journals related to psychology and creativity. She is a clinical psychologist and maintains a psychotherapy practice in Pasadena focused on women’s issues, health psychology, writing therapy, and the role of creativity in wellness.

On May 21, a garden party and poetry/art walk will be held in Krueger’s gardens from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. People who are interested in attending should contact Red Hen Press for details, including the location address. Email or call 1.626.356.4760.






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