The Existence of Us

Mar 19, 2017






A key turns and I fade away
He walks in and past me
He doesn’t notice that I am there
Maybe I’ve made myself invisible

We live an apartheid existence
And when we do stand together
We simply become columns of catastrophe
Notes that belong to different chords

If I speak, he will turn
If I am silent, he will continue on
The choice is mine, always mine
Will he ever decide for me, for us

We are far past the path of forgiveness
He does what he must to survive
I drink or pop in what I must to stay sane
This is the past, present, and future

We have become one continuous mistake
He will turn on the screen on the wall
I will disappear all together
This is our existence of safety
This is our existence of unspoken love
—Mikaila Henderson







Mikaila Henderson was born and raised a local, graduating from Eagle Rock High School and four years later from Occidental College. She is a Cerified Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing in South Pasadena. She arrived at this profession after having been a cancer patient in 2005 and 2006. Mikaila has always written creatively in her spare time and is inspired to eventually share her own story with those who are willing to read it.




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