The Aymars: “Spring” & “The New Face of Old Age”

May 14, 2017

Geoff Aymar is a fellow Connecticut transplant. He’s an exemplary jazz musician, and not the only family member bursting with creative talent. To begin with, his grandfather Gordon C. Aymar is a 1914 Yale graduate, avid sailor, photographer, portraitist, author, art editor for Harper’s Weekly and Vanity Fair, and a poet…


by Gordon C. Aymar, April 1957

Harsh silhouette of trunk
And limb and twig.
Now speckled, dappled
Fringed and powdered
with chartreuse,
The heady, tender green
of life recurrent,
Softening outlines monotone
And stark and skeletal,
Telling swiftly, silently
And urgently
Of periodic fluctuation,
Winter of abeyance,
Frucitifying Spring;
Apparent death and
Certain resurrection,
Born of faith alone.
Tomb of a trunk and
Casket of a limb,
From which ascends
An earthly life,
The mystery of
irrepressible vitality,
An alchemy through which
Despair gives birth
To hope.


Gordon Aymar





“One of my favorites by my Aunt Carol.”
—Geoff Aymar


The New Face of Old Age
by Carol Armstrong

I need now more daisies, fewer orchids
more Wednesdays and fewer Saturdays.
I need larger print, larger sizes
and much larger ice cream cones.

I need shorter lists and longer vacations
more Whitman, less Wordsworth
needles with larger eyes, and
windows with larger views

I need more Chinese red, less Paynes gray
more reels, fewer dirges
more silliness and banter
less humorless fervor

more puddles, more stars
more old photographs, letters, and shoes
less hurrying, less regret
more attentiveness and noticing.

I need more gentle adequacy
less rigid perfection.
I need more truth-telling fairy tales
and fewer arcane philosophies.

My needs match the slowing of my step
the quickening of my heart
the letting go, the holding fast, and
the unexpected welcoming of change.



Thanks and gratitude to Geoff Aymar for allowing us to share some of his treasured family poetry…



Geoff at the keys…



About Geoff Aymar, from

In the competitive world of the Los Angeles music scene, pianist and composer Geoff Aymar has successfully carved a niche for himself for over twenty years. He’s been playing some of the finest hotels, clubs, and exclusive private events in Los Angeles and his long tenure at a number of venues is a testament to his musicianship and his loyal following.

Can’t Stop Now on Rigamarole Records is Geoff’s first all original CD which features renowned guitarist Larry Koonse, bassist David May and drummer Kendall Kay. It is a melodic brew of smooth Bossa Novas, evocative ballads and toe tapping blues thrown into the mix. It was produced by legendary producer/engineer Malcolm Cecil (Stevie Wonder, Gil Scott Heron).

His first two jazz CD’s of standards with his trio (Geoffrey Aymar Trio, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) received solid reviews and airplay on main Los Angeles jazz station KKJZ and a number of other stations around the country. Geoff has performed internationally at the La Plata International Jazz Festival in Argentina, as well as the Grand Formosa Regent in Taipei, Taiwan.

His composing has included the satirical song “Me” sung by Meryl Streep that opened the movie Death Becomes Her as well as commercial pop songs and instrumental jazz and theme songs for various TV/internet projects. Songs from Can’t Stop Now have been used on TV, films and commercials.

Originally from Connecticut, Geoff studied jazz guitar privately while also playing in various rock/pop bands as a teenager. His interest in improvising and composing music of all genres was his passion from the beginning. Upon being accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music as a guitarist, Geoff switched over to the piano which he had already begun teaching himself.

After a short stay in Boston, Geoff moved to Los Angeles and landed his first steady gig just four days after arriving. Since then he has been making a living playing music five to seven nights a week at top establishments such as The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Beverly Wilshire Hotel, The Fairmont Miramar, and the Fours Seasons. The list of people Geoff has performed for make up a “who’s who” of the entertainment and political world, from Arnold Schwarzenegar and Elizabeth Taylor to England’s Prince Andrew, Gore Vidal, and William F. Buckley Jr.

Geoff continues to play a long running gig with his trio every Sunday for brunch in the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Producer Malcolm Cecil says, “Geoff Aymar is an extremely talented musician with a beautifully melodic, sensitive yet always swinging style whose compositions have a mysterious, haunting quality that reaches out and touches the soul.”

Can’t Stop Now is available online at and can also be found on various downloading sites such as









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