Santa Knelt

Dec 29, 2013

star_of_bethlehem-1Shake the globe, and it snows – settling,
as the storm passes,
on a baby lying within
a crude wooden manger.
Oh, poor baby take care
not to scratch your hands
as you stretch to greet us;
though blanketed with sparkle bits,
your cradle, in places, is sharp
and splintered.

It is late, but the heavyset man
kneeling by your side
does not yawn – no stranger he
to long nightly journeys.
A wise man, too,
he knows who you are,
such a Good little boy;
so, yes, he will leave a gift –
though not, this time,
beneath a festooned tree.
Nor has he brought
gold, or frankincense, or even
a gum resin called myrrh
but a gift equally precious,
hailing as he does
from parts colder.

Intently, gently, the heavyset man
in red velvet tucks his hat
into your singular hands…
While the reindeer push closer
in the brightly lit snow
and, from the back of the sleigh,
an elf clambers down
to see for herself
what the fuss is about
and to bask in the rays
of the beckoning Star.

Santa and Jesus

Christmas 2013
My gift for those I love, especially Him

Bottom image: Every Knee Shall Bow by Gaye Frances Willard

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