Pasadena Sings to Me

Oct 2, 2013

Colorado Street Bridge, 1988-500Pasadena sings to me
white rose petals that float
exalted, fragrant, light as breath
from the spires of stone mansions
falling past the sweeping arches
of cursed Colorado Bridge
fluttering soft and thick as doves
on all the blessed fallen ghosts
the holy wraiths that hum
in the wild arroyo

The necromantic city
of physics, brick
and bougainvillea
of blooms that burst
open, fade, and
blow away
beauty that pulses
and disappears
into the whispering
of heartbroken

the people
on Colorado Boulevard
with their arms
full of coffee and books
know they are fortunate
and whisper,
Muy preciosa, muy preciosa.



Copyright © Mary Monroe
Photo: bougainvillea by Arivumathi

Mary MonroeA writer and poet since childhood, Mary Monroe has spent most of her life as a journalist, writer, and editor. She has edited consumer and trade magazines, edited and ghostwritten books, and written too many magazine articles to count. She is currently working on a poetry collection, They Gather at the Water’s Edge: Death of the Wizard Prince.

Mary is a student of writer and poet Esther Bradley-DeTally in Pasadena, and also studies with poet Jack Grapes. She has performed her work at Beyond Baroque in Venice, and her poetry recently appeared in the L.A. Times. She also studies tai chi, qigong, kundalini and raja yoga, energy healing and mysticism. “Poetry is a bridge between the worlds we believe we live in and the world we don’t know we live in.”

3 Responses for “Pasadena Sings to Me”

  1. Enchanting. What a surprise to click on Hometown Pasadena, and Mary’s words float towards me. This is a woman with talent, and I am going to follow her through the years. Mark her name well.
    Wonderful, and I get to hear her work every week. How lucky can an old gal be?

  2. Oh, love this. Found it via Pasadena Adjacent.

  3. Mary says:

    Thank you, Petrea. I’m glad you found it. It’s a good time for me to tell you I loved the relationship you created in your short story in Literary Pasadena:)



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