Oh to Sing

May 12, 2015

Rocky Hall, NSW, Australia. Male.

Oh to sing!
To Eric Whitacre

Oh to sing!
To have been born
with the ability
ever so easily
to unleash –
like the rain,
or a Lyre bird,
or, in late summer,
the cicadas –
a cascade of beautiful sound.

But that is not my gift.
Instead I must rest content
to craft my song
with my hands –
to remain
amidst the audience
and applaud,
or to retreat
behind my desk
and type.

Yet, while my keyboard
may lack both sharps and flats,
my prayer is for each word
to sing,
to soar like the birds
or a soprano’s C,
then reverberate back
in harmonies and arpeggios
as clear and bright,
as exquisite,
as almost perfect
as yours.
As those I yearn,
with my singularly
unexceptional throat,
to produce.

Oh to sing!
But this –
alas and hooray –
yes, this
is who, instead,
I was born to be…
A firefly
amidst a chorus
of cicadas.




Copyright © “Oh to Sing” by Jenine Baines

Photo, top right, Australian Lyrebird by David Cook at Flickr (license 2.0 Generic, Creative Commons).

Photo, bottom, firefly at night sourced from HowStuffWorks.




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