No Way Out

Jan 13, 2014
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sunset-over-a-church-on-a-greek-isle-322663It’s easy to mistake
the sound of church bells for
the palpitating heart-knell.

Or, a hammer driving nails
into boards over windows.
Just ask an old man

back home from the hospital…
If no one’s left to write about
it’s best to wait in a dark room,

listen to silence until
you become silent yourself.
Dreaming of bells at dawn,

you may write “bells at dawn”
before glancing up to see
the night set in:

the day’s lingering breath over
a distant church—its ruins,
somehow closer in this light—

just passing away.

for Béla Tarr


Copyright © “No Way Out” by Dain Fedora

Dain Fedora is a graduate of Vermont College of Fine Arts where he earned an MFA in Poetry. He lives in Pasadena and works in Los Angeles.



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