Moon Wolf

Sep 14, 2014

800px-Canis_rufus_FWS_croppedThe color of the midnight fell into my lap just now, filling my fear places, my irises with the color of fire, a moon wolf racing ahead, my bloodline remembered in a moment’s flare, the color of reckoning, a redux later at the make up counter, the color on my lips, a torch secret, of here and there, staining your cheek, collar, a neon wretch letting loose on your flannel cheed, flaying, knifing, the color spent, spent, spent, the color cherished, the color of sup, the color of nocturnal, eternal enough for me.   20140523-091523-33323542   Copyright © 2014 “Moon Wolf” by Maryrose Smyth. Photo, top right: By Curtis Carley ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


Maryrose Smyth lists her passions as family, art making, and Wildwood Park, a still wild artist oak preserve in the inside pinky toe of the Altadena foothills. A place, when in studio mode she calls Blondewood, her own personal woods-planet where humor is a woman’s best policy for eeking out the too little time for writing, painting, kid chasing, bee hosting, keeping secret her Irish Soda Bread recipe and the up to no good again critters requiring much arm flapping to stop who knows what from eating the best tomatoes all while coaxing goodwill from trick muses and bridge trolls whispering behind her back, not forgetting to jiggle the charm handle of her family’s 1910 former milk shed’s plumbing. Peruse Maryrose’s art and interiors at Read her poetry and writing at MaryroseSmyth and  WildwoodPost Author of Inside Out: Living the Arts and Crafts Life 32265_128585290489321_100000135530728_336385_3350374_n

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  1. Girl, always electric; love your writing!



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