Lost and Fine

Mar 24, 2014


Pushed out of line
He lost their way
The passage of time
kept him at bay

A promising child
to a shell of a man
A beautiful boy
to a hopeless case

who can’t even stand
much less race

All is lost
or so they’d say
But chance so it happens
has a different way

Instead of wallowing in lies
he found the truth
That those who cry
keep their youth

And the ones on track
who seem to win
and always wear that friendly grin
are the ones who lack
and stand in line

So I’ll stay lost
and be just fine



Joe Charogoff has authored three books, The Introduction of Self (Somewhere In Between), A Rhythmic View (Volume One), and A Rhythmic View2 (Volume Two), which may be found on Amazon. He describes his poetry as coming from a “humanity-based perspective” that contain “broad humanistic messages.”



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