Light Through the Apertures

Mar 12, 2017



Light Through the Apertures

Want to enjoy your travel?… pack little of your belongings
Want to enjoy life?… keep to a minimum your yearnings

We foolishly think that the foothold of earth is quite strong
Haven’t we ever experienced slipping on a marble floor?

Don’t take this mortal life so seriously… dear partner
Do you know anyone escaping it and living ever after?

Those who had coins in their pockets, didn’t have any care
They enjoyed promenading in the rain, without a darn fear

And those who had dollar bills in their possession
Ran amuck around, seeking a roof or a sound shelter

True, money can take you high, high way up there
But can you take your money anyway way up there?

Not a big deal, my friend, to douse your attire with fragrance
Show me when I look at you, if I can smell your true presence

Think it’s easy to get sound sleep in the night without stirring?
For that, my friend, you ought to have a day of honest awakening

I heard your true value is reflected in your personality draped in good acts
Otherwise in the mall, I have seen even skeletons adorned with clothes

Relations that matter, are weakened by petty niggling thoughts
As pristine lake water is polluted by a casual urinating vagrant

Sometimes, when I grieve hearing people talking about me behind
I remember—people talk about things that are worth talking about

Why is it that the world trumpets bad traits of live people alone?
Why is it that we hear good things only after they are dead and gone?
—Abdul-Majeed Azad



Abdul-Majeed Azad and his family moved from Ohio at the end of 2016 and settled in Monrovia. He’s a technologist at JPL and does creative writing as a hobby. He’s just finished a children’s book, which he hopes to publish soon. He’s begun a Go Fund Me page that can be accessed here.





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