Into the Bay Forever

Feb 26, 2014

4573345297_8eb99a048e_oIf you lean just a bit,
from the balcony on the bay
you can see the water.
I like the view 100 feet outward –
the reflection of palm trees,
the boats with their sails,
and, later, the light from the moon
streaming like a bridge
not quite to where we stand.
Oh let’s say “yes” and leap out, my friend!
Let’s see where our steps lead us – past
the tops of the trees where
the breeze blows a song
and gulls cast no glances,
past the stars and more moons, as
together we spiral
through deepening waters
until, in one boundless instant,
we wash up, head over heels,
at the very gates of pearl, or whatever
they turn out to be.

And, then, down into the clouds we will gaze
as, now, we peer into the water beyond the pier
and attempt, each in our own way,
to fathom the shifting grounds of
unfathomable things.


Copyright © “Into the Bay Forever” 2014 Jenine Baines

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