How Long Is Never?

Oct 16, 2013

what-causes-leaves-to-change-color-9891-400x240How long is never?
Is never forever?
As when I tell you, I will never
not loathe the dark
or never not gag
at the thought of warm milk?

Or is never negotiable?
As in, I will never not love you,
when, alas, love,
like leaves,
can crinkle at the edges
as fall comes,
then change color entirely
before melting into the mud
beneath the heavy heel
of a snowstorm.
Some leaves, of course,
don’t even make it that far.
Poor little leaf,
burnt brown and crumbly
under the dispassionate stare
of a summer sun.
Poor little leaf,
riding a bucking onslaught
of rain into the gutter.
Why, even the strongest evergreen
may shed a needle.

Or will never
I will never forgive you, I cry,
but I do.
I will never forget, I vow,
but I have.

How long is never?
I don’t know.
Nor frankly do I much care.
Some things,
like the dew or a rock,
are best let resplendently be.


Copyright © 2013 Jenine Baines

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