Evaluating Options

May 24, 2012

Photo by Jamie Rector/Bloomberg

Metro and Caltrans is hosting a local Open House to provide the public with information in regard to the SR-710 Study. They are now in the Alternative Analysis phase, which evaluates “options to improve mobility and relieve congestion within the study area.” In other words, what’s the best way to get from “A” to “B.”

The information to be made available includes “no build” alternatives, improving local streets, expanding the transit systems, and—that big old elephant in the room—freeway options.

You are welcome to come anytime 6-8 p.m. Having one-on-one dialogues with the study team is the focus of the Open House. There will be no formal presentations as this is not a public hearing, but rather a way for the residents to learn and engage. The alternative concepts and other parts of the study can be viewed on “large interactive boards, staffed by multi-disciplinary team members.”

SR-710 Study Open House
Wednesday, May 30th, 6-8 p.m.
Rose Bowl Stadium, Visitors Locker Room
1001 Rose Bowl Drive



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