Dream of You

Jun 5, 2013

ToHealOurBrokenHeart-small_PatriciaKrebsThere’s nothing written in the stars,
I’ve not experienced the beyond;
there’s only this ache in my heart
but that will be gone, when I’m gone.

There’s only lost thoughts in the air,
random emotions haunting me.
There’s only sadness and despair;
I’m swimming in a lonely sea.

I cannot spot that peaceful shore
where we can finally meet and share;
there’s only hunger, only war,
no higher justice, nothing fair.

There is no answer to the questions
that keep eating up my brain,
only illusions of perception
just briefly relieving my pain.

I hear a crowd that hopes and prays
while preachers sin their words away;
as our meat rots, our souls decay,
and great creations fall and fade.

I’ve not seen paradise or hell,
yet I still yearn for something true
but you, my love, are lost as well
and I can only dream of you.


Copyright © 2011 Patricia Krebs
Painting: Heal Our Broken Heart

PatriciaKREBSPatricia Krebs grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she obtained degrees in Fine Arts Education in Contemporary Visual Arts. In 2001 she moved to California, where she works as a full-time visual artist and musician.

Krebs’ artwork has been exhibited throughout South and North America. Her paintings and illustrations have been featured on books covers, CDs, in educational magazines, and several award winning children’s picture books. In addition, she has created puppets, props and masks for theatrical events, she’s written songs for artists & video-game companies, and has recorded Spanish voiceovers for major movies, such as Corpse Bride, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Beowulf, and Happy Feet I & II.  

Only You Know

Only You Know

Some highlights in her career include: Women Artists On Immigration exhibition at the Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles, selected by MOCA curator Alma Ruiz (2008); illustrating articles for Decisio Magazine, published by the Center of Regional Cooperation for the Education of Adults in Latin America and the Caribbean, CREFAL, sponsored by UNESCO and the Mexican Government; selected for the Mayor’s Official Invitation to the LHM Opening Celebration (2009), for which she received a Certificate of Special Recognition “in appreciation of outstanding and invaluable artistic contribution to the City of Los Angeles 2009 Latino Heritage Month” (2010); the book Classic Songs, Rhymes, and Activities in English, Spanish and ASL, which Krebs illustrated and helped translate into Spanish, selected for the Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities Collection by IBBY (the International Board on Books for Young People) presented at the Biennial International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna, Italy (2011).

Recently, Krebs was honored to be recipient of the Vision Award 2012 by the Reel Rasquache Arts & Film Festival in Los Angeles, where she exhibited as Featured Artist and where it was premiered “A Race to the Center of the Sun”, her debut as Stop-Motion Animation Art Director & Production Designer. Currently, she is in the process of finishing her first solo album Amuzikanto, which contains songs in Spanish and English.

The World Outside

The World Outside

For more of Patricia’s poems, songs, videos, paintings, sculptures, and puppets, please visit:




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