Apr 18, 2017


A touch, a kiss
A blink, a shrug
A twitch, a curve
A wink, a swerve
A tilt, a shake
A turn, a veer
A rub, a rustle
A look, a gaze

I’d be damned if this is not a bait!

A walk, a trot
A gazelle, a deer
A river, a lake
A tree, a vine
A drink, a wine
A fruit, a feast
A beaut, a beast

I’d be damned if it’s not you!



Abdul-Majeed Azad and his family moved from Ohio at the end of 2016 and settled in Monrovia. He’s a technologist at JPL and does creative writing as a hobby. He’s just finished a children’s book, which he hopes to publish soon—he’s begun a Go Fund Me page that may be accessed here.

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