Oct 6, 2014


By Julianna Jackson


Justice is not only blind, it is inept. Its abuse of power defies decency. You want my respect; I do not trust you anymore. You are not representing me. Why would I respect you? You are just bullies with badges, and the judicial system is complicit, creating monsters with guns. Maybe next time you’ll hurt or even kill me.

I believed in the rules for 63 years before this incident. For what? Merits mean nothing. When my civil liberties are withheld by the very ones sworn to protect me, and my crime was not seeing the sign, “No sleeping in the park,” because I thought it was a fairway, you came up to me without a warning or benefit of the doubt. Not only that, you berated me and spoke to me as if I were nothing.

Your personal feelings spilled out of you in a visceral disgust for the homeless. I was terrified. No, I do not believe in you anymore. Why should I follow the rules? You don’t.

You use the law as a sliding scale, depending on your mood. The criminals are running the prisons, and you judge me? How dare you judge anyone? God is watching. I pity you. You know who you are, the ones that do not cross the line, saying nothing in fear.

We all are surely lost. You have betrayed yourselves and what you represent. The children can see.

I’m NOT guilty.




Copyright © “Betrayed,” 2014 Julianna Jackson


Julianna is a spunky client at the Women’s Room, in Pasadena. The Women’s Room is under the direction of Friends in Deed, and it is a haven for women who are homeless or in transition. Julianna has been homeless for three years, and because of that she found herself writing. She has not written before this time. She read “Betrayed” to the judge at her hearing, and the case was dismissed against her. (Esther Bradley-DeTally, instructor)

2 Responses for “Betrayed”

  1. Logan says:

    Great poem. The cops are getting further and further from the purpose they profess to serve.

  2. Steffi says:

    I feel truly blessed to have met Julianna in March of 2015, while I was traveling with 20 HIgh School students from Germany. I have never met a more incredible, strong-minded, intelligent and warm- hearted woman, and I am fortunate to have been introduced to her collection of poetry she wrote. Julianna is a true inspiration and she certainly deserves to be heard. Her words show clearly what an amazing person she is, and what a great heart she has!
    She’ll always be in my prayers, and I will never forget her!



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