Baklava on the Kitchen Table

Feb 13, 2017


Fruit flies hovered over the ooze
of the honey syrup. Crumbled walnuts
mimicked broken teeth. No one touched them.

The paper thin filo dough became wrinkled,
and Mother kept pushing the plate to the center
of the table. During breakfast, I placed

olive seeds next to the fallen pistachios.
Mother removed them with irritation
and added more syrup. Father used

the plate for teabags. The syrup hardened,
turned crystal brown. When no one touched it
for three weeks, Mother hid the stale

baklava underneath watermelon rinds
deep in the trash bin, so no one would witness
the crime of our ungratefulness.

—Shahé Mankerian




Mankerian will be one of four distinguished poets and Laureates to read and discuss work at Flintridge Bookstore & Coffeehouse in La Cañada on Sunday, March 5 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Presented by Thelma Reyna and her local Golden Foothills Press.

For more info, visit Golden Foothills Press on Facebook here.





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