Another Park Poem

Sep 6, 2015

index-10there really is a mother goose
I couldn’t find her
the ant lion is not an ant
settles in the hole
and waits for the ants to fall in
did you try to carve the bark
leave a heart these trees
withstand wind and fire
you told me this park
was dangerous
that tree is the runt






Art, top right: “Cosmic Songs the Stars Sing” by Cindy Rinne.
Art, above: “The Trees Are Sleeping”

Copyright © “Another Park Poem” by Cindy Rinne from “Spiders with Wings” chapbook, Jamii Publishing, 2015.




“Spiders with Wings” may be purchased at Amazon and a signed copy may be purchased at Cost: $12.




Cindy Rinne:

I am a fiber artist and a poet. I am inspired by nature and the lives of others. I like to write about the sacred, community, myth, and nature. My artwork and poetry inspire each other. My art quilts are collages of textiles from around the world.

“Spider with Wings” began with the idea of writing a series of short poems. No punctuation. Some capital letters. A collage of life experiences (mine and others), observations, dreams, and more. The book is full of dense imagery and the voice of a siren. Chew on these poems in small, slow bites.

This is my first solo book. I am thankful to Jamii Publishing. They designed the wonderful cover and a creative layout inside the book.

Jamii Publishing is about community. I will participate in the event “The Second Poetry/ Circus – A Shakespearean Carnival” produced by Nicelle Davis on September 19 at LA Griffith Park’s Merry-Go-Round. Twenty poets will read in this free event for all ages. I will read from “Spider with Wings” in the 5:30-6:30pm group.

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2 Responses for “Another Park Poem”

  1. Martina Gallegos says:

    I love nature-themed poems. Nice one, Cindy. I love the art work as well.

  2. Cindy Rinne says:

    Thank you Martina Gallegos. This poem resulted from a nature hike.



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