Ancestors Dance

Mar 15, 2015

Cindy_Rinne_The Trees_Are_Asleep


Eagle migrated to the lands of the Ice Tribe.

Diffused patches of light sparkled on his wings.

Among the greenish glow of the northern lights

Native ancestors danced in the next life.

Sealskin boots stomped and turned on a floor lit by stars.

Eagle thanked the sky for this gift of colors.

Asked the Sitka Spruce if he could gather pine needles.

They will be wrapped around the joints

Of the feather ladder.

The pine scent made him dizzy.

He ceased motion. Perched on the rough skin.


I will give my spiky needles to you. First, listen to the story

Of what is below my raised roots. The history of the Tree Tribe had its

Origins when the frozen land was warm. Our language was born

Of earthquakes; growing our roots deep.


Eagle stretched and saw evidence below the tree’s roots

Of duckbilled and polar dinosaurs who endured

Months of cold and dark.

Then wooly mammoths caught in permafrost.

The cave lion of rounded ears, tufted tails, and tiger-like stripes.

Layers of migratory caribou with fur and a dense undercoat.

Thanked the spruce for its needles and the history of ice told by bones.




Copyright © “Ancestors Dance” by Cindy Rinne (originally published by Twelve Winters Press)

Top right, “The Trees Are Asleep,” Art Quilt, 11″ x 13″
Above: “Shreds and Fragments,” Tapestry, 20″ x 24″


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