After Imaging by Linda Dove

Mar 27, 2013


After imaging

In the scan of my head
there are lakes,
frozen and lit. At altitude,
sockets of snow.

In the door of my head
left burning where I crave
the doused dark.

The doctor’s voice is a mouthful
of cloud. She spits out words
sequela      foci      lesions 
that flit on dull, contiguous wings
through dizzy weather.

In the sky of my head
and the fields inside.
Hands cupping water.

The doctor’s sorry pulses sorry 
across the black between
each bright ovoid—avoid? a void?
those prints from some small god.
What are the names of the stars?

In the bell of my head
a tongue.

In the lake of my head
there are lakes.
There are moths.  No.
There are wicks with wicked flames.


Photo by beinggreen

Copyright © Linda Dove

Linda Dove ImageLinda Dove holds a Ph.D. in Renaissance literature and most recently taught at Yavapai College in Arizona where she directed the creative writing program. She is the author of In Defense of Objects (Bear Star Press, winner of the Dorothy Brunsman Poetry Award, 2009) and O Dear Deer (Squall Publishing, winner of the Eudaimonia Poetry Review Chapbook Prize, 2011). Dove’s poems have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and were a finalist for the Robert H. Winner Award from the Poetry Society of America. She lives in Pasadena with her daughter and two Jack Russell terriers. You can order her books on Amazon or purchase them at Webster’s Fine Stationers in Altadena.







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1 Response for “After Imaging by Linda Dove”

  1. Mary Monroe says:

    Utterly gorgeous poem!



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