Wine & Cheese Flights & Sam Maloof

Jul 15, 2014

Maloof Chair jointSam Maloof was the first craftsman awarded the MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Fellowship.

The Smithsonian Institution declared Maloof “America’s most renowned contemporary furniture craftsman.”

His rocking chair has been described as having “sinewy sculpted lines” and “a modern stylistic aesthetic of clean lines born of practical consideration.”

Beauty comes not from added ornamentation. It comes from enhancement of natural materials and functional considerations, such as plugged joinery artistically inlaid.

When Ray Charles ran his hand over a Maloof chair, the singer observed he could “feel its soul.” (


From what we’ve read, it appears as though Maloof didn’t seek accolades or fame. He wanted to support his family, share his knowledge, and inspire the understanding and appreciation about a handcrafted object, “a kind of union between maker, object, and owner,” said author Jeremy Adamson, as reported by Janet Eastman in her Los Angeles Times 2009 obituary for Maloof.

Maloof’s “business card always said ‘woodworker.'”

“I like the word,” he once said, his eyes brightening behind large, owl-eyed glass frames. “It’s an honest word.” (“Sam Maloof Dies at 93,” Janet Eastman, L.A. Times, 23 May 2009)

Maloof Rocker

On Friday, July 18th, The Bea’s Knees in Old Pasadena hosts an exhibit and sale of furniture from the Maloof Woodworking Studio in Alta Loma. Also on auction will be old Hollywood photography and fine art paintings. (We just wonder where it will all fit, as Bea’s Knees isn’t overflowing with extra space; maybe spill over into the Shoppe at Stats?)

To get the evening off to a tasteful start, wine and cheese flights will be provided by The Bea’s Knees at The Shoppes at Stats.

Photo courtesy of The Bea's Knees

Photo courtesy of The Bea’s Knees


Wine & Cheese Tasting at Bea’s Knees
Friday, July 18th, viewing begins at 5 p.m.; auction begins at 7 p.m.
120 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena 91105





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