The TACIT Rover at Caltech

Feb 21, 2012

Not an interstellar rover, like you might expect from Caltech, but a theatrical production. TACIT, or Theater Arts at the California Institute of Technology, led by Brian Brophy, regularly puts on good shows. Next up is The Rover, written in 1667 by Aphra Behn, England’s first professional female playwright, who was also a spy. This production has been adapted somewhat. It’s set in the 1870s, in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, and centers on three women. One is to be married to a Spanish noble, one is “destined to live out her life in confinement,” one is a courtesan. There are men, too—a Colonel, his lieutenant, a sailor, and a carpetbagger—and thirty-three more—a cast of forty. With live Cajun Creole music. Performed by Caltech students. What’s not to like?


The Rover, Presented by TACIT
Friday, February 24 – Saturday, March 3
Ramo Auditorium, Caltech
332 S. Michigan Ave., Pasadena
$5 – $18;




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