Summer’s Edge at Louis Jane Studio

Jul 28, 2013
Work by Janet Bothne

Work by Janet Bothne

The exhibit named “Summer’s Edge” at Louis Jane Studio in Old Pasadena features “the personal relationships of five artists to the natural world. The twenty works in ‘Summer’s Edge’ explore inner connections to the natural realm in a wide array of styles and voices.”

Exhibitor Janet Bothne states that color is her “natural anti-depressant.”

I see color akin to music. It’s no coincidence they both can be described in terms such as soft, loud or bright—they have keys and tones. I experience muted color as chords and saturated color as crescendo.

Artist Emily Halpern says, “My paintings map my inner world.…I intend to engage by slipping away, leaving gaps for viewers to fill in, as a springboard for their own imaginations.”

Other exhibiting artists are J. Cheryl Bookout, Sandra Mueller, Bettina Staib, Louise Jane Wannier, and Monica Wyatt.

Photography by Louise Jane Wannier

Photography by Louise Jane Wannier

Installation artist and sculptor MaryLinda Moss curates.

Summer’s Edge
Opening: Sunday, Aug. 4th, 3-7 p.m.
Curator’s talk: Saturday, Aug. 24th, 4-6 p.m.
Louis Jane Studio, 93 E. Union St., enter on Legge Alley, Old Pasadena or call 626.796.8333

Madelines Watch (oil on linen) by Emily Halpern

Madelines Watch (oil on linen) by Emily Halpern



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