Sukiyaki, Tsukemono, & Sunomono

Mar 16, 2014

20090902_main_lOnce a year the Pasadena Buddhist Temple annex is filled with the sights and aromas of Beef Sukiyaki. Temple members spend days preparing the menu items, starting with our “secret sauce” for the Sukiyaki. Accompanying the beef sukiyaki will be “tsukemono” cucumber pickles, “sunomono” made from daikon radish and carrots, a clear fish-broth based soup, steamed rice, green tea and a fortune cookie. Please note: Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate strict vegetarian diners.  Both the Sukiyaki sauce and the soup use meat-based stocks. Thank you for your understanding.

Our Dharma School, Sangha Teens and Jr. YBA will be running their VERY popular Bake Sale featuring home-made goodies (come early, they sell out daily!) and Drink Sale (bottled water and sodas). (Pasadena Buddhist Temple)

Annual Sukiyaki Dinner
Saturday & Sunday, March 22nd & 23rd
Dine in:  4-7:30 p.m.
Take out:  4-6 p.m.
Cost:  $15, tickets available at the door
Pasadena Buddhist Temple, 1993 Glen Ave., Pasadena 91103
Plenty of free parking
For more info, visit
Or call 626.798.4781





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