Souhail Kaspar at the Levitt

Jun 28, 2011

Every week, there are several musical acts playing at the Levitt that are worthy of a recommendation. Even in weeks when we’re only highlighting one artist, like this week, there are probably others worth checking out. We won’t mention them, because then we wouldn’t exactly be highlighting anybody, now would we? This week the honor goes to Souhail Kaspar, a virtuoso of Near East percussion music. Here’s a sample. I think we can all agree this is pretty rad. So, if you’re going to see one Levitt show this week, we urge you to strongly consider Friday’s percussive feast.

Souhail Kaspar at the Levitt
Friday, July 1, 8 p.m.
Levitt Pavilion, Memorial Park
Holly St. at Raymond Ave., Pasadena



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