Sam Francis: Inside the Story

Sep 30, 2013

Sam Franics MantisAbstract expressionism. Monochromatic abstractions. Richly-colored murals. Lots of white space. The “Blue Balls” series. Minimal color and strong lines. “Fresh Air” pictures. Etchings, lithographs, and monotypes.

Native Californian and artist Sam Francis was a busy man. From the early 50s until his death in 1994, Francis explored his creativity—his influences fluid, paralleling his life experiences, changing paths and belief systems. French modern painting, Asian culture and Zen Buddhism influenced his early work as he traveled and painted in France, Tokyo, Mexico City, Bern, and New York City. In the 1960s and 1970s, Francis created in Los Angeles and Tokyo, his work evolving again as “he began intensive Jungian analysis.” His use of a grid in his paintings disappeared in the 1980s as he became a printmaker in Santa Monica where he opened the Litho Shop. He also founded the Lapis Press in 1984 and even after hurting his right hand in a fall and unable to paint with it, “in a final burst of energy he used his left hand to complete a dazzling series of about 150 small paintings before he died.” (Sam_Francis).

Pasadena’s Inside the Story offers a day of Sam Francis at the Pasadena Museum of California Art followed by a visit to see “Base Mural I,” “one of the most significant of Sam Francis Paintings.” This in-depth tour is led by Clare Kunny of Art Muse Los Angeles and formerly a museum educator at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Inside the Story is the brainchild of former CPA Susan Cheney and retired attorney Wendy Moss. Read a review of one of their previous events here.

Enrollment is very limited, so interested parties should purchase tickets as soon as possible.

50 Years of Art by Sam Francis
Friday, October 25th
Tickets: $50








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