Pritchard Trio at The Fretted Frog

Apr 16, 2015

Pritchard_aWe had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser for Light Bringer Project where the featured musician was David Pritchard. The guitars were acoustic and Pritchard, along with Kevin Tiernan and Ioannis Markoulakis to make up the Pritchard Trio, seemed to venture from gentle jazz and Latin, classical and folk, to blues and slightly country. The venue was the “Carriage House” in South Pasadena, which was actually built as a studio by the original owner some decades ago, but is situated behind the main residence and is quite the location for a concert. Large and impressive, yet cozy and intimate, Carriage House had brick walls, a vaulted ceiling, and massive leaded windows—the perfect location was an evening of melodic, harmonious, hypnotic, and captivating acoustic guitar.




On April 24th, the Pritchard Trio will be performing in another intimate venue, The Fretted Frog in Eagle Rock, Pasadena.




Pritchard Trio at The Fretted Frog
Friday, April 24th, 7:30 p.m.
The Fretted Frog, 1414 W. Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock 91105
Tickets: $20, at the door or purchase online here
For more info, visit


The Fretted Frog…




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