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Jan 5, 2014

RomanStatueThree local authors, Petrea Burchard, Margaret Finnegan, and Desiree Zamorano will bring their experiences, insights, inspirations, and humor to an authors’ panel on Monday, January 13th, at Crowell Public Library in San Marino.

Margaret Finnegan’s novel The Goddess Lounge turns Homer’s The Odyssey inside out.…Finnegan’s heroine Penne (“named for a noodle”) tells her story in a smart, yet harried voice.…

But you don’t need to be familiar with The Odyssey to enjoy Penne’s adventures, laugh at her snark, and applaud her victories. Penne’s journey is about the discovery of her inner Venus and the power she shares with all women. It’s about belief in the divine feminine, the myth and reality of that power, and the withholding or wielding of it to protect what is rightfully yours (even against other women if necessary). It is about the deep down mother in all women; the mother who feeds her family, fights for justice, protects her babies, and above all, stands up for herself.

That’s comedy!

(The Goddess Lounge reviewed by Petrea Burchard, “What We’re Reading,” Hometown Pasadena, 17 April 2013)

The Goddess Lounge



A smart, sexy detective; a case involving a mysterious, wealthy American and the Russian Mafia; danger, romance and pathos: it’s local, and our hero is a heroine.

In a fast-paced detective novel, Human Cargo (2011) by Des Zamorano, gives us flashes of Dashiell Hammett with a style all her own. Instead of Sam Spade we have Inez Leon, a 21st century Pasadena Latina with a handsome Caltech professor boyfriend and a handgun license to match her private detective one. It’s Inez who delivers the snappy dialogue, tucks the pistol into her waistband, and puts her life in danger to save the innocents and catch the crooks.

(Human Cargo reviewed by Petrea Burchard, “What We’re Reading,” Hometown Pasadena, 27 December 2012)




“I hadn’t planned on a mid-life crisis…but I was gripped by the urge to run.”

“As soon as the plane took off I knew I’d made a mistake.…The pilot chattered away over the intercom. It would take something like nine hours to get to London. Nine hours of panic in economy class was just plain impractical.”

“I dragged myself into a stall, locked the door, hung my purse on the hook and cried while I peed.”

And so begins Camelot & Vine, the mind-bending journey of 39-years and 364-days-old Casey Clemens, who’s having a day and a half she’d rather not be having. The dung that hits the fan is so major that she splits L.A.’s youth obsessed entertainment industry for the quiet and calm of the English countryside—without thinking a half a second longer than is needed for her to purchase an airline ticket.

(Camelot & Vine reviewed by Kat Ward, “What We’re Reading,” Hometown Pasadena, 20 June 2013)

camelot and vine by petrea burchard

Three Authors, One Special Evening
Monday, Jan. 13th, 7-8 p.m.
Crowell Public Library, Barth Community Room
1890 Huntington Dr., San Marino 91108 or call 626.300.0777

MargaretFinnegan2Margaret Finnegan teaches writing at California State University, Los Angeles. Her latest book is The Goddess Lounge, and her story “Genius Unleashed” appears in the new anthology Literary Pasadena. Margaret contributed a nonfiction short piece called “The Reel Classroom” to Hometown Pasadena’s “Write Here,” for which we are grateful and delighted.


petrea_burchard_full-175x236Petrea Burchard is a Pasadena photographer, blogger, actress, voice-over talent, and author. Her story “Portraits” appears in the new anthology Literary Pasadena. She contributes book reviews to Hometown Pasadena, for which we and our readers are very grateful. Find more Petrea doings, writings, and photography at and LivingVicuriously.

Camelot & Vine can be bought locally at Vroman’s, the Pasadena Museum of HistoryWebster’s Fine Stationers in Altadena and the Flintridge Bookstore and Coffeeshop. The ebook version is available for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Diesel, Smashwords, and the Sony eReader.


headshot-homeDèsirèe Zamorano’s second novel, Modern Cons, is a story of psychological suspense where she explores the reverberations of being raised by a con artist.

Her next novel is about four women linked by birth, separated by secrets of sex, money and death. Look for The Amado Women in Spring 2014 from Cinco Puntos Press.

A Pushcart prize nominee, and award-winning short story author Des is also proud of having co-authored with her sister two plays commissioned by southern California’s Bilingual Foundation for the Arts. “Reina” and “Bell Gardens 90201” received Equity productions and toured for a total of eight years.

(From her website,

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  1. 7pm, lots of parking, and a lively discussion. Come!

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