Old Town Video Art Installation

Dec 21, 2009

"A Rising Tide"

There’s no time like the holidays for… environmentally themed public video art installations? Absolutely, say Alex Kritselis and Joey Forsyte, the masterminds behind “Don’t Blow It/A Rising Tide.” Kritselis and Forsyte have placed 13 projectors, pointing at 13 glass windows and doors, throughout One Colorado Plaza. The videos, which are supposed to be exquisitely beautiful, are meant more as an invitation to contemplation than as an urgent environmental distress signal. And they’ll be changing every week, so repeat visitors can expect to see something new each time. Should be quite a treat for parade-goers.

The installation takes its name from an environmentalist slogan of unknown origin —“Don’t blow it — good planets are hard to find” — as well as from at least one of the videos: an ocean-level view of churning— rising — waters, a sly gesture to melting ice caps. Forsyte is a producer, director and cinematographer, while Kritselis, her husband, is the dean of PCC’s Visual Arts and Media Studies Division. This is not either’s first foray into public art; both have an avowed interest in community building.

“Don’t Blow It/A Rising Tide”
One Colorado Plaza, Pasadena
December 17 – January 3, sunset – 1 a.m.
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