Nicole's Warehouse Sale

Aug 21, 2009
Just a few of the cheeses Nicole's is known for

Just a few of the cheeses Nicole's is known for

South Pasadenans and Francophiles from all over L.A. know Nicole’s Gourmet Foods as the charmant patio café and gourmet market — but there’s a whole other side of the business that most people never see. Saturday is your chance, when Steven Grandjean (son of founder Nicole Grandjean) open their Gourmet Imports wholesale warehouse in Alhambra for its first-ever public sale. The Grandjeans are promising big discounts on their imported goodies: French cheeses and charcuterie, Italian oils and pastas, foie gras, baking goods and much more. They’ll also be barbecuing lunch, in case you get a little peckish.

Gourmet Imports Warehouse Sale
Saturday, August 22, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
961 S. Meridian Ave., Alhambra



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