Memento Mori

Nov 4, 2013

By Oscar MagallanesOscar Magallanes is an Asuza native. Having worked as a graphic designer for sixteen years, he is a self-taught artist. His perfectionism in regard to every detail when designing merged with his art, becoming the style for which he is known.

He found his place in art when he couldn’t find his place as a Mexican child from a poor neighborhood attending a private school.  “I was able to claim some kind of dignity,” Oscar Magallanes told Isabel Rojas-Williams for Mural Conservancy in a 2012 interview.

“If a picture tells a story, then Oscar Magallanes quietly speaks the voice of those who have lost theirs. Oscar’s historic revolutionary figures are carefully rendered with Renaissance precision and strong confident lines. His symbolic iconography educates his viewer of social injustices prevalent in modern society. However, Oscar observes that these issues and struggles have perpetuated throughout history. He is not afraid to illustrate challenging and often uncomfortable social subjects in order to engage the viewer on race, immigration, homelessness and revolutionary martyrs.” (Brandy Shea Sweeney, 2011)

Oscar Magallanes‘ exhibit opens this Saturday at the York on York, “Highland Park’s neighborhood gastropub.”

“The artwork is Día de los Muertos and serves in the line of a long tradition of a ‘memento mori,’ a reminder that we will inevitably one day die. That in turn is meant to give our everyday experience more meaning,” Magallanes explains.

The York’s been called “a proper hangout,” “inviting and earthy,” and “cool, but not too-cool.” They have Mark Jilg’s Craftsman beer, Fat Tire and Pilsner Urquell (to name a couple) on tap, as well as wines and a full bar. The menu has fish & chips, a truffled grilled cheese, and—if you’re lucky—a peach cobbler (check out the items listed on the chalkboards).

Magallanes exhibit continues through December 15th.

Oscar Magallanes: Memento Mori
Opening reception: Saturday, Nov. 9th, 8 p.m.
The York, 5018 York Blvd., Highland Park 90042 or call 323.255.9675



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