LitFest Pasadena Fundraiser #2

Jan 24, 2012

We covered LitFest Pasadena’s first fundraiser way back in October. Round two is set for this Sunday, and should be a decidedly less racy affair: school kids singing and acting (including a bit from Hamlet, rumor has it) instead of poetry and naked people. It’s happening at the Mountain View Mausoleum, a stunning locale. We could try to tell you more in our own words, but will opt instead to share the pitch of LitFest cofounder and Pasadena Star-News Public Editor Larry Wilson:

Dear Friend of LitFest Pasadena:

You might have heard talk around town about our recent bash promoting the bookish fun to come March 17 in Pasadena’s Central Park.

About what a great party it was at the smashing Castle Green, with Pulitzer-winner Jonathan Gold reading from his essay on Zubaran’s “Still Life with Lemons and Oranges,” (hanging in our own Norton Simon), and poet Ron Koertge slaying the crowd with his rendition of Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress.”

Or you may have even read the Star-News’ society columnist’s shocked take on the evening: “All this was accompanied (God knows why) by a gaggle of gyrating, stark-naked nymphs including one who sawed away on a violin. The scenario was redolent of the whacko primavera bacchanals of yesteryear hosted by the late Bohemian bon vivant, Jirayr Zorthian.”

OK, then. We don’t recall anything of the sort, but in order to show how family-oriented LitFest will truly be, we’re hosting another fabulous fundraiser the afternoon of Sunday, Jan. 29th at Altadena’s out-of-this-world Mountain View Mausoleum. An exquisite example of 1920s opulence with its Tiffany glass and pink marble halls— one Yelp reviewer called this institution built in California’s Golden Age of Architecture “a stunning piece of history.” Another commented simply, “ridiculously beautiful.”

Attend our last big fundraising bash – January 29th, 3 – 6 pm
•  Mountain View Mausoleum (2300 Marengo Ave., Altadena)
•  $75 per person, $100 per couple
•  Drinks, eats, and music
•  Readings and performances by high school students

Nymphs? No way. Along with good food and drinks and the kind of people you like to meet, entertainment will be provided by some of our most talented youth in a program of literature, drama, and music.

To purchase tickets, simply click here, or mail a check to the Pasadena Arts Council at the address at the bottom of the page with the memo “LitFest Fundraiser.” 
For all Paypal contributions in the amount of $75, $100, or greater, we will reserve spots accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

We hope you’ll consider putting Pasadena’s first complete annual literary festival—an all day affair with readings and signings by famous authors and panels on more than a dozen subjects—on solid financial ground with a donation in the following categories. You can also become part of this special cultural event by emailing to learn about volunteer opportunities.

Become a major sponsor to help us turn the first page:
•  Poet Laureate – $5,000
•  Pulitzer Winner – $2,500
•  Best Seller – $1,000
•  Bard – $500
•  Literati – $100

Yours in literature,

  Larry Wilson 

LitFest Pasadena is an EMERGE Project of the Pasadena Art Council. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Make checks payable to:
PasadenaArts Council FBO LitFest Pasadena
mail to:
LitFest Pasadena
PO Box2116
Pasadena, Ca 91102-2116



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