Jazzmen Arnay and Livingston at the Parkway Grill

Feb 14, 2011

Jazz pianist David Arnay is a longtime Pasadenan, USC Music Prof, music director of the Parkway Grill, and all-around good guy (did we mention he’s married to H-P co-author Jill Ganon?). He plays a regular Friday set at the Parkway, accompanied by a rotating cast of bassists. Next up is Edwin Livingston, who has a cool name. Arnay’s sets are both smart and accessible, a compelling mix of mainstream and post-bop jazz. For your edification, here is a review of a set he played at the Parkway with Nedra Wheeler, way back in 2008. Can you dig it?

Arnay and Livingston at the Parkway Grill
Friday, January 18, Dinner Time
Parkway Grill
510 S. Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena
; 626.795.1001



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