It’s Groucho & Cirque at the Pasadena Playhouse

Jul 21, 2013

FrankFerrante Groucho“Frank doesn’t just do Groucho…he is Groucho.” — Miriam Marx Allen, Groucho Marx’s daughter

“Frank is the only actor aside from Groucho who delivered my lines the way they were intended to be.” — Morrie Ryskind, co-author of the Marx Brothers’ hits Cocoanuts, Animal Crackers, and A Night at the Opera

Frank Ferrante will perform his two-act comedy full of anecdotes, songs, and (of course) Groucho’s famous one-liners at The Pasadena Playhouse Saturday, July 27th. The audience will be willing or unwilling participants as Ferrante ad-libs his way along this “fast paced 90 minutes of hilarity.”

Frank Ferrante: An Evening with Groucho
Saturday, July 27th, 8 p.m.
Tickets: general admission, $30; purchase here
For complete info, visit


Cirque-A-Palooza stars artists who have performed with Cirque de Soleil, as well as “local luminaries,” comics, magicians, jugglers, acrobats, singers, and “surprise guests.”

This variety show, “modern day vaudeville,” was conceived and is directy by Stefan Haves. Original music is from Emmy-nominated composer Philip Giffin and will be performed by the Palooza Band and Singers. Every night promises a different lineup of acts and “a place of wonder, whimsy, and eccentric oddities.”

Arrive early and enjoy the pre-show festivities with street performers roaming The Playhouse courtyard, while afterward (with a few vitamin B pills for added energy) there will be a late night burlesque and “off-beat” acts in the Carrie Hamilton Theatre, hosted by pancake juggler Scot Nery. Excuse us? Did we say “pancake juggler”?

Oh, yes, we did. National Lampoon Radio calls Scot Nery the “highlight” of the HBO Comedy Festival and he’s the three time winner of CBS’s Comedy Cage Match. Supposedly, Nery walks onstage with only his backpack. Soon, he whips out ingredients for pancakes and, yes, begins cooking. While the pancakes are frying, Nery does tricks with duct tape and his backpack, and with a single blue bucket. He juggles knives, as well as oranges while being held upside down. He ends his performance with a free style, perfectly-cooked, pancake flipping finale.

Road to Palooza: A Cirque Variety Spectacular
Fridays & Saturdays, Aug. 2nd, 3rd, 9th, and 10th
Tickets: general admission, $30; purchase here
For complete info, visit

Scot Nery; photo by Tina Saez

Scot Nery; photo by Tina Saez





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