Golden Poppy Fete

Jul 20, 2009

altadenafarmWhen the city starts to get us down, we dream of the country — a quaint, mythical place of solitude, gardens, fresh food and a chicken or two. Who knew that oasis exists right here in Altadena? For proof, join Altadena Heritage on Sunday at the Golden Poppy Urban Homestead Fete, a celebration of all gardens beautiful and sustainable. The event will be held at a working farm hidden on Mar Vista Avenue, complete with an orchard, a garden and those all-important chickens — whose feathers sometimes wind up decorating costumes for the Los Angeles Opera (the homeowners are musicians as well as urban farmers). In addition to homestead tours and a spread of home cooking, the event will include the awarding of Golden Poppies, to honor gardeners who are beautifying their neighborhoods while using water wisely.

Golden Poppy Urban Homestead Fete
Sunday, July 26
6:30 p.m.
2027 Mar Vista Ave., Altadena
Admission $10 for members, $20 for non-members; for reservations, call 626.797.0054



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