Gerda at Louis Jane

Sep 3, 2013
Peach Rose by Louise Wannier

Peach Rose by Louise Wannier

Louise Wannier designs textiles in colors and patterns that reflect what she sees, what she captures in her photography, and even the patterns, stories, and emotional response to friends’ art. Her showroom is a testament to her artistic interests and her desire to help others exhibit their work, as well as to do something substantive in regard to the social, political, and environmental issues of our time.

Poet Gerda Ituarte, who has contributed to Hometown Pasadena’s poetry and fiction category, Write Here, will be reading from her book of poetry, Where Is My Candle Hat?, this Sunday at Louis Jane Studio. She will also be previewing her work-in-progress Alterations/Thread Light Through Eye of Storm.

Ituarte’s poem Mothers Who Carry Their Own Water is based on her personal experience and journey through heartbreaking loss. Her words are exact, the images they conjure are precise and packed with emotional power.

Oh, Where Is My Candle Hat? by Gerda Ituarte
Sunday, Sept. 8th, 3-4 p.m.
Louis Jane Studio, 93 E. Union St., Pasadena









Mothers Who Carry Their Own Water, by Gerda Ituarte

When there is no well       land is parched
mouth dusty       skin cracked
bloody fingers plant       nourish thorn less roses
that blush beauty

lean into wind of change       find warmth in cold places
refuse to stay stuck       lay down in assigned graves
viewed by others with discomfort
reminder of what could happen to them

hear their whispers feel the curtain of words
I don’t know what to say       time heals all 
trails behind like a tail      live through in
under and around the death of our children

never ask why       there are no answers
our children want to know       still think and talk about

we can’t help it even when pain pounces
it is a way of knowing that we are alive

Mothers who carry their own water
sometimes slip stumble       we are fall proof
because our children tell us so in the timeless
place where dreams and memories breathe.


Gerda Govine Ituarte’s new publication, Oh, Where Is My Candle Hat?, is a handmade limited edition poetry art book written in English and Spanish with original artwork by Luis Ituarte (Poetry Art Book Station). She states that “writing poetry allows my reservoir of memories and observations to flow freely and bring comfort and joy. I reflect, illuminate, and connect with others using words to create a sense of place.”

Gerda was born in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, emigrated to New York City in the mid 50s, and then to California in the early 80s. She lives with her artist husband Luis Ituarte in Pasadena and Tijuana. She is CEO of G. Govine Consulting and a columnist for the Pasadena San Gabriel Valley Journal. Her poetry has appeared in domestic and international publications.





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