Flipping Pancakes, Tossing Bikes, Saving Trails

Apr 19, 2010

On Sunday morning, head for the Mt. Wilson Bicycling Association’s Save the Trail pancake breakfast and fundraiser at the top of Lake Avenue in Altadena. Held at the Cobb Estate (the trailhead for Mt. Lowe trail), this is the 21st annual fundraiser held by the group, which is dedicated to the responsible use of trails by bikers in the San Gabriel Mountains. Besides a $5 pancake feast, there will be demos, group mountain bike rides, a bike toss and raffles for bike gear. By the way, notice we said “head for”… if you can ride your bike to the top of Lake Avenue, you should obviously join this group.

Mount Wilson Bicycling Association Pancake Breakfast
Cobb Estate, Loma Alta at Lake Ave, Altadena
Sunday, April 25
Pancakes at 8 a.m., raffle at 10 a.m.



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